All* Above All

Transforming a stigmatized issue, making it not only viable but fresh, empowering, and inclusive.

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First we dug into the research on public funding of abortion, managing an in-depth, multi-year research process that didn't take no for an answer. The resulting reframing was transformational.


Next, we teamed up with coalition leaders and our top-flight design partners to create an exciting new campaign. From its colors to its messages, from social media to swag, the new brand communicated vibrancy, fearlessness, and unity.

From day one, we brought non-traditional tactics to fit this out-of-the-box campaign, along with the usual media relations and social media strategies. Photo booth? check. Food truck? Yeah, we did that. Whether it was the white tattoos especially for brown skin, nighttime projections, or sidewalk chalk, we packaged fresh tactics with amazing PR.

Successes include hundreds of media hits, millions of impressions on social media, a successful bill launch, and inclusion in the Democratic platform.

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